WDMI invites organizations and persons in need of Research services in areas of water development (water services) and water resources management to communicate their needs to us so we can make arrangements for serving them.

On going research projects

1. Assessment of the cause for Prolonged Dry Periods of Great Ruaha (Rufiji River)

2. Assessment of Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Services in Tanzania: The case study of Dodoma Region.

3. Assessing Sustainability of Reducing Non-Revenue Water: The case of Regional utilities and DAWASCO in Tanzania.


  1. Eliamringi. L, Kazumba. S; Assessment of sustainability of Rural water supply services in Tanzania: the case study of Dodoma region.
  2. S. M. Lufega1,2* and B. M. Msanya1; Pedagogical Characterization and Soil Classification of Selected Soil Units of Morogoro District, Tanzania.
  3. Livingstone Swilla1* and Shija Kazumba1; The Study of Rate of Scour at Cylindrical, Square and Round Nosed Piers. S.