Consultancy services

Consultancy Services

The Institute provides Consultancy services in the water sector where there are enough number of experts and modern equipment’s to perform the services. The services are provided through the WI Consultancy Bureau (Profile available); this is a Locally Registered Consulting Firm with Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania (Registration number 164). The Bureau is also registered with Registrar of Companies (BRELA) of Tanzania as a sole proprietor and is a Member Firm of the Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania. The areas covered include;

(a) Design and Supervision of Water Supply Projects.

(b) Design and Supervision of all Civil Engineering projects

(c) Ground water Survey and Exploration

(d) Land Survey

(e) Laboratory Water Quality Testing

(f) Geo-technical Investigations.

(g) Soil Mechanics and Quality Testing

(h) Water Meter Testing (Water Meter calibration)

(i) Environmental Impact Assessment