Industrial Practical Training (IPT)

IPT is one of the modules included in all academic programs at the Institute. It is therefore an essential integral part of the entire training. The main objective is to provide an opportunity to students to amalgamate theory and practice. The Office of IPT is headed by a Coordinator for the purpose of providing guidance for efficient and effective coordination of Industrial Practical Training (IPT), career counseling for the Institute’s students, job placement and follow up of Institute’s graduates.

Main duties and responsibilities

  1. Soliciting IPT placements for all students at the Institute and Planning and coordinating IPT supervision
  2. Coordinating study visits for students and staff to industries or companies and organize study visits for students and staff from other institutions
  3. Coordinating staff professional attachments to industries or companies and assisting employment opportunities for the Institute’s graduates
  4. Identifying and providing solutions to existing potential recruitment problems for the graduates
  5. Identifying, coordinating and streamlining professional requirements against industry employer’s needs and demands
  6. Organizing and managing database on WI graduates and Locating the whereabouts of the WI graduates in the industry
  7. Soliciting feedback information on WI graduate’s performance at their respective work stations

For more information about IPT, please Contact: ghanima.chanzi@waterinstitute.ac.tz