Library services

WI library Membership is open to all students of the Institute, and all staff.

Every prospective member is required to complete a registration form. On approval, he will be given specific number borrowing tickets. Academic staff members are eligible for six tickets. Loss of borrowing tickets has to be reported to the Library immediately; and a replacement will be given after payment of a certain fee as shall be set by the Library.

All tickets have to be submitted back to the Library at the end of the members’ stay at the Institute.

Admission to Library

Admission is conditional on strict observation of the regulations.

Users are required to note that:

  1. Silence must be observed in the library. Any user who causes noises will be punished as follows :
  1. 1st offence - warning
  2. 2nd offence - severe warning
  3. 3rd offence - shall be barred from using the library
  1. Smoking is not permitted
  2. The use of matches or open lights is any place in the library is prohibited
  3. Bags or parcels are not allowed into the library
  4. Eating is not allowed in the library, and this includes munching of nuts or sweets.