Dr. Adam O. Karia (PhD)


Welcome and thank you for visiting the Water Institute website. I am Dr. Adam O. Karia (PhD), Rector of Water Institute. Our Institute (WI) was established as an Executive Agency on August 22nd, 2008 under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in accordance with the Executive Agency Act CAP 245 (Revised Edition; R.E 2009). We are mandated to provide quality expertise in the water sector through training, consultancy and research under the Ministry of Water and NACTE guidelines. Our Institute (WI) is fully registered by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and its Programs are fully accredited by NACTE. The Institute has Bachelor Degree and Diploma programs as listed in the academic program page. Also, the Institute offers ready- and tailor-made short courses, and currently there are about 52 courses in areas of water supply and resources planning, design, procurement, laws and management. Water Institute is solely a technical training institution focusing on developing technical human resources capacity that is needed in the water sector, is a global partner in developing the required technical human resource capacity for development and management of water resources. We also invite our stakeholders in need of advisory/consultancy services in areas of water development and water resources management to communicate their needs to us so that we can make arrangements to render our services. We would like to ask for your support and cooperation to Water Institute as an organization that builds professionals with the talent, skill and sense of duty to work and researching for the benefit of the world. Dr. Adam O. Karia (PhD) Rector-Water Institute.